About A.S.P.

Rev. Glen 'Tex' Evans
"We accept people right where they are,
just the way they are."
--Rev. Glenn "Tex" Evans

The Appalachia Service Project was once a dream in the heart of Rev. Glenn "Tex" Evans. During his 13 years as director at Henderson Settlement, Frakes, Kentucky, Tex saw the region's immense housing need. His compassionate interpretation of the Gospel moved him to envision a way to meet this need while encouraging the church to be part of the solution. His creative plan matches high school youth to home repair projects in central Appalachia. By transforming Christian faith into action, the ministry he founded (ASP) helped to alleviate poverty's consequences while encouraging growth in Christian faith and stewardship.

Appalachia Service Project's philosophy of service encourages people to act responsibly in the face of human need and injustice. By transforming faith into ASP service, volunteers respond to a specific need: housing. Their commitment to serve really is a contract with God. By putting aside selfish needs and desires, ASP volunteers free themselves to share talent, love, and concern with the people of Appalachia and with one another. More important than construction know-how is a willingness to enter communities and homes of central Appalachia with sensitivity, concern, and love - accepting people right where they are and just the way they are.

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