The Pastor's Desk

A letter from Pastor John


December 2017

Season of Hope

What are you waiting for? This is the question of the season for those who look towards Christ. We are awaiting the time when Christ will return in his final glory. It is in the time in between where it is our hope in what is to come which sustains us. Life is a challenge for all people, Christian and non-Christian alike. There are challenges which seem too difficult to overcome. It is because of these challenges that we are often left wondering how we will make it through, how we will persevere through it all. There are difficulties that all persons will deal with at some point in life, but what makes it different for us is that God came as a man to live and walk among us. It is this action by our creator which leads to the hope which can give us strength to carry on through anything we face.

As we think about what we are waiting for, let us remember what the meaning of Advent is. Advent by its very name itself calls attention to the great event described in today’s gospel: the Latin word “adventus” is a translation of the Greek “parousia,” which refers to Christ’s second coming.  It’s Christianity’s most anticipated event. We wait for the coming of our King, who came in the form of a child. Our God came in the most vulnerable of ways and walked among us. Our creator came to be with us in the suffering and pain, to help give us a new means of life. What we are waiting for now, is the second coming of Christ and the great hope that this brings. It is this hope that can give the faith necessary for us to endure all difficulties in life. 

Advent doesn’t commemorate what was, but anticipates what will be. Advent calls us to be.  To be watchful.  To be ready.  To be holy.“Be vigilant at all times,” Jesus told his followers.  Do not grow complacent.  Don't allow our daily lives to control our relationship with Christ. Don’t let your heart become drowsy from the anxieties of life. We are called to live differently because of this great hope which we have in Christ. We are called to live faithfully in the midst of difficulties and to live as Christ in the midst of a dark world. Advent is a season of renewal for our souls, that we must become refocused on what God has done on our behalf so that we may continue to point towards that light which is Christ. May we be watchful and ready for all that comes in life, that we may continue to glorify our God, who is worthy. Amen.

Pastor John